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The vintage ball foot wood armoire is an unrivaled addition to your wine-and-cheese- dietary- present- appearance- any- type of clothing-century-themed-item- stored-and- looking-for sporty-look- character! This amazing piece is dandy for any dinner-out- or vacation- come- and join the fun.

Unfinished Pine Armoire

This unfinished pine armoire is an unrivaled choice to organize and store clothes, it is 18" wide, 5 x5" in height and renders a warranty for an entire year. It effortless to clean and is top-grade for a portable wardrobe, this 60 inch wide armoire is a beautiful mahogany finish wooden armoire wardrobe storage biz closet shelves organizer. It is manufactured of heavy weight wood and offers two drawers which allow you to store all your clothes, the biz is likewise have a built in dryer and a built in hair dryer. This armoire is sterling for your home or office, this pine armoire wardrobe is a top-of-the-heap addition to your bedroom or home office. It imparts a small bedroom size (that is again not too big) and it grants a door that leads to a closet, this armoire is made with a comfortable cotton twill fabric that is safe for your skin. It presents a steel frame that is polyester coated to keep your clothes safe from fading and to avoid clothes donations, the mirror in the coaster is straightforward to clean and is excellent for yourself or your home office. The pine armoire is a beautiful addition to your home and it's first-rate for zara's add-on wardrobe, the armoire is large and deep with a beautiful cherry wood finish that will add a touch of luxury to your home. It's first-class for holding zara's collection of items and is further top grade for holding her hubble and other decor.