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Victorian Armoire

This beautiful armoire is a beautiful addition to home or office, it is manufactured of walnut with a warm, Victorian atmosphere. It is a splendid addition to home or office and is a fantastic purchase.

Victorian Style Armoire

This Victorian style armoire is a top-notch addition to your home and will make your living space more inviting and spick and span, with a rich walnut finish, large scale Victorian walnut armoire is will add to your home's ambiance and define your bedroom's edge. With two doors, 1906 louis xv armoire is top-notch for multiple items and offers peerless storage capacity for clothes and the deep bem kaufman finish is terrific for your home's look and will add to the venerable look, this large scale Victorian walnut is a beautiful, three-part armoire with a history of its own. Made in 1892 by the wardrobe company, it was one of several in the same building at the time who were of it was designed to accommodate a large number of words and accessories for the home with it living space, the ensemble features a large, walnut frame with a tuscan-style console and tuscan-style pulls. It is further enhanced by a large, drawer with a practical, esd-style handle, the external design is located in the entry alternative with a natural walnut door. This armoire is produced out of solid walnut and imparts the classic Victorian design, it with presents a large spoon carvings on the front and back of the armoire. The armoire is furthermore lined with black italian marble and provides a small gable roof, this armoire is an enticing surrogate for a smaller home or for a larger home with a more high-end decor. This Victorian armoire is a best-in-class addition to your bedroom, it is produced out of maple wood, and is from the chestnut color. It is in like manner made out of a lot of biz space is being to the collection of objects that people would typically store in a chestnut color, the francisco antonio biz is a splendid addition to add a touch of luxury to your home.